3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

I have never been one to brag. In fact you'll find that I actually put myself down... a lot. Still, I'm proud of a few things.

Personality Trait #1) Competitiveness. I am an Underwood. It's in our blood. The drive, the adrenaline, and the want. All three are characteristics of me. As I have said before, I do many sports. Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Cheerleading, Softball. I may not have skill, but I have heart, and if I was the coach I would pick me over the best player every time. So what if you have skill...if you don't put in the effort it won't matter anyway. For example, basketball. I may not be the best at it, but I'll be darned if someone from the other team beats me down the court. (Unless they were already down there, of course.) Even in track I show my competitive side. I use to run the 300m hurdles. My aunt says when I got done praying and got into the blocks, that it was For The Love Of The Game all over again, and I agree with her. When I finish praying, I stand up, load myself into the blocks, and go numb. I don't hear anything but the gun. I don't see anything but the course. I don't feel anything but the track beneath my feet and hands. It's the adrenaline pumping through my veins and the competitiveness taking hold of me...

Personality Trait #2) I am humble. I don't put myself before other people. There is a lady that goes to the church here and she has Alzheimers diesease. Most teenagers would think that they don't have the time for her. Yet I have gotten so many complements because of the way I treat her. When this lady talks, she doesn't make sense. Still, she talks like she is actually talking and we can understand her. And I listen. I listen to her every word, even if there aren't many. I feel like... like she knows. Knows that the others don't... care. My heart breaks because of this. I know what it's like to not have people care. I'm not saying I know what she's going through, all I'm saying is I feel like it's my job to care. I hope for the impossible. I hope she'll get better. Even if she doesn't I will always be listening. Listening to her every sentence. Listening for that one sentence that makes sense. Because even if others think it's impossible. I will always have hope for her...

Personality Trait #3) I am bubbly. When I'm manic and not depressed, I am bubbly. I always have a smile, and try to bring others up when I can. It's not easy to stay like that. Yeah, sometimes I hit my lows, but don't we all. You know the same girl that laughs and smiles every day, cries herself to sleep at night. Though it's not easy, I manage. I manage because of the people around me. See I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my Grandparents and my Aunt. My grandparents are also my guardians. And I wouldn't give them up for all the money in the world. They are what got me here today. They've taught me so many things. So many values. They taught me to be polite by getting on to me when I wasn't. They taught me to be loyal, I mean, come on, how can you be married for over 50 years and not be loyal. They taught me how to love, by their actions. You see, my mom and dad gave me up when I was two years old. I came to live with my grandparents. 14 years later, I'm a senior in high school who's grandfather, and practically father, is slowly dying in a nursing home. My grandmother is still with him, loving and caring for him. After 5-7 years of going to different doctors, taking 15 different pills, and basically, living...in...hell, she is STILL with him. My aunt taught me that I can be independent by being single for so long and still being successful. She taught me that little quote that says I CAN AND I WILL by going to work every day and coming home, tired and exhausted, and putting up with me. I don't show them near enough appreciation, but I need to. These people are the reason that I am happy every day. They put a roof over my head, clothes on my body, food in my stomach, and gave me an education. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them...

So you now know the 3 personality traits that I am proud of. Let me know what you think in the comments. Tell me what I should put in future blogs. Oh, and one last thing, ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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